My Review On TC2000

Use TC 2000 To Improve Your Day Trading

Day trading takes practice, skills and requires an understanding of the risk you are assuming when doing it. However, the payouts can be significant. If you could have software that allows you to chart, scan and trade with an affiliate broker, you could have an advantage that not many day traders have.

One software tool that gives you this leverage is TC2000. The packages are available in Silver, Gold, and Platinum so you can choose the level that works for you. Each is billed monthly and lets you find what works best for you. Most users find that Silver is fine for their trading needs.

You can use all the chart functions without limitation as with some software. The market data speed never throttles, either so, you will not miss out on important deals. If you like to draw on charts, you will need to upgrade to Gold to have this function.

To use TC 2000 go to the pricing page on the website. If you get the basic version you will be able to trade stocks and options using the assigned brokerage. You can browse the charts and get over 100 indicators. Your choices are available for over 100,000 stocks, funds, and options.

With the higher priced version, you can get options like 2-second scan results in your watchlists. You can also combine conditions using different time frames and also draw on your charts. You can compare indexes with overlays and create reports as you like.

There are plenty of features that any day trader can take advantage of them right away or, as they gain experience, learn what features work best for them and upgrade. The ability to zoom in and out easily is one of the best features of all.

The Change Symbol screen is another one of the most useful options. You can type any letters on your keyboard to open this up and see how helpful it is. You do not have to mouse over the box every time you want to change symbols and that can be one step that causes you to miss out on a great deal.

Why should you get the TC 2000 when you can choose to use free software? You do not need it today trade, but the features save you precious time that can add up to money. It is not always easy to find a software package that gives you over 100 indicators. In fact, you probably will not find any that can compare to this software.

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