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Ceremony & Reception: The American Club
Offsite beach photos: Kohler-Andrae State Park
Makeup: Sports Core

HackerWed_288 - Version 2.jpg

The happy couple moments after saying “I do!”

HackerWed_85 - Version 2.jpg

Sara becoming even more beautiful thanks to Gina of Sports Core.

HackerWed_111 - Version 2.jpg

Sara checking out Gina’s handy work.

HackerWed_136 - Version 2.jpg

Sara & Dan enjoying each other before the ceremony on the beach at Kohler-Andrae.


Groomsmen relaxing after some hardwork posing in the hot sun.

HackerWed_226 - Version 2.jpg

Sara going over some final details before the ceremony.

HackerWed_230 - Version 2.jpg

Dan looking like a pimp just before the big show.

HackerWed_265 - Version 2.jpg

Thank you God.

HackerWed_266 - Version 2.jpg

A happy bride.

HackerWed_258 - Version 2.jpg

Dan’s Mom overcome with joy just before they all walked down the aisle.

HackerWed_259 - Version 2.jpg

Sara looking beautiful.

HackerWed_260 - Version 2.jpg

A quick drink of water before visiting the Cantor.

HackerWed_282 - Version 3.jpg

The kiss.

HackerWed_308 - Version 2.jpg

Blessing over wine.

HackerWed_321 - Version 2.jpg

The first dance.

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